Crime scene cleaning, Suicide and Unattended Death Cleaning

Our services are unique and highly specialised, and will clean any area in the home or business. Flexible and discreet scheduling

Hoarding cleaning, Trashing and Infectious Waste

With an experienced company, hoarding cleaning will run smoothly and efficiently. Hoarding cleanup not only means rubbish clean up; but also the recovery of all the items in the home that are still useful, valuable and sentimental.

Industrial Accidents and Severe Injuries

Accidents and injuries in the workplace often leave blood and body fluids behind. Blood and body fluids can carry infectious diseases and the dangerous pathogens that spread them.

Blood, Faecal Matter & Odour Management

We provide the safe and effective clean up of blood and Faecal matter. Whether it be human or animal, our team will undertake the most effective way to remove the bio hazardous waste and all odour.

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Crime scene, deceased estate, Hoarding, Trauma, Forensic Cleaners. Established in 1999. Contact Ashley 0413739854




Trauma Clean Australia. Forensic cleaners, Crime scene, Hoarding Cleaning, Rubbish removal, Trauma cleaners. Established in 1999.

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Our Professional and Discreet Services

Crime scene cleaning, Trauma, Blood & Faecal cleaners Australia

1With over 20 years experience in the Trauma Cleaning business, TRAUMA CLEAN has provided the Australian people with a professional and discreet service in all situations.

Hoarding, Trashing, Eviction, Rubbish removal Australia

2Often an embarrassing situation for the owner or occupier. Trauma Clean will work swiftly and discretely to remedy the situation and restore the property to a liveable HOME.

Industrial & Home Accidents cleaning specialists

3Any “Downtime” in Industry or the home can be both costly and inconvenient, Trauma Clean endeavours to provide same day service, whatever the circumstances.

Deceased Estate Cleaning and property Management forensic cleaners

4Perhaps a family member has passed-on, or their home is almost unliveable. In any case, Trauma Clean is available to assist the family in managing the clean-out of the premises.

For fast and efficient service, please contact Ashley direct on 0413 739854

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COVID-19 ( Coronavirus ) – 100 days Protection Guaranteed


Preventing the Spread

Protect yourself and your community from getting and spreading respiratory illnesses like coronavirus disease – How!

Trauma Clean – has the technology proven by registered with the US EPA and have been extensively tested in independent labs to demonstrate the efficacy of the product against a wide range of bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae, the Coronavirus is included in group.

The approved product works by providing an invisible antimicrobial shield that bonds with the molecular structures of the treated surfaces. The bonding creates a dense field of positively charged microscopic carbon shafts that literally project out from the treated surface, to which the net-negatively-charged microbial cells are fatally attracted. On contact the carbon shafts physically penetrate the outer membranes of the microbial cells, resulting in them being killed caused by the leaking of their cytoplasmic content.

Turn-around post treatment – 24hrs.

Cleaning and Disinfection After Persons Suspected/Confirmed to Have COVID-19 Have Been in the Facility
Trauma Clean recommend – close off areas used by the ill persons and wait as long as practical before beginning cleaning and disinfection to minimize potential for exposure to respiratory droplets.
Open outside doors and windows to increase air circulation in the area. Trauma Clean will wait up to 24 hours before beginning cleaning and disinfection.
IMPORTANT: Through repetitive applications, over time will reduce the level of bio-burden over the treated surfaces.


·      Our staff have been fully trained to use PPE, what PPE is necessary, how to properly don (put on), use, and doff (take off) PPE, and how to properly dispose of PPE in accordance with Code of practice – First aid facilities and services; Workplace amenities and facilities; Personal protective clothing

·      trained on the hazards of the cleaning chemicals used in the workplace in accordance with National code of practice for the control of workplace hazardous substances [NOHSC:2007(1994)]

·       National Code of Practice for the Control of Work-related Exposure to Hepatitis and HIV (Blood-borne) Viruses NOHSC:2010(2003)

·       Australia Health Sector Emergency Response Plan for Novel Coronavirus COVID-19


Choose a professional.
Companies and technicians that display the Australian Bio-recovery logo have been fully trained in Bio-hazard remediation and are dedicated to the safe and discrete clean up after traumatic and bio hazardous events.

Hello Pamela, Ashley, Mark & Alan.

Thank you for the stunning clean-up of my back room which has at times been called ‘mum’s attic’ and my favourite, ‘the bat cave’. I never gave up hope of finding the right people to rescue that room and eureka! I did! The old carpet was the main worry: family members said a clean-up would be impossible. Not so – your team got it back to normal. Awesome job. You’ve saved my sanity!
Kind Regards,
Colleen. C

Hi Ashley

Just a quick note to say thank you for the quick and thorough clean up that your team did at my home. It was hard for me to imagine that it would ever be clean again after the traumatic event of Tuesday morning.

Thank you again for the professional and discreet service you provided.

Sandy Sandy

Hello Ashley,
Thank you.
Your very quick response time and professionalism was very much valued and appreciated.
I hope I never need your services again in the future however if I do, or know anyone else that does, I wouldn’t hesitate to contact you or recommend you.
Thank you so very much.
MargaretMargaret. LJ Hooker, City Residential

Hi Ash

We were really impressed by your whole service, thank you so much for making a potentially ugly situation easy. Cheers mate have told anyone who would listen how good you guys were.

Geoff Waite. Building Supervisor M.A.C.S. Maintenance & Contracting Services

Trauma Cleans.

Let’s face it there are some circumstances a normal cleaner should not have to deal with, such as events caused by violence, death and accidents.

If you are ever in need of a reliable trauma clean service, contact Trauma Clean.

We found their service to be efficient, discreet and they were very willing to assist us in our time of need. Trauma Clean will attend the premises the same day if specifically required.

We have no hesitation in recommending Trauma Clean for specialised clean ups of toxic waste.Glenda F. Apartments WA

My wife’s father passed away suddenly at home alone and we did not learn of his death until a few days later. 

Your service was recommended to us by the Coroner’s office for an emergency clean after the removal of his body. I called you on a Sunday morning and you stopped what you where doing and attended to the cleanup task very quickly in a most professional and thorough manner. 

In providing your much needed and professional services you saved me personally from the task of cleaning up an unpleasant and messy situation. Something I truly did not wish to face.
The price charged was very reasonable considering the task at hand and I am pleased to recommend your services to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation. 

Once again thank you for your assistance in our time of need. 


Ashley and his staff were respectful, professional and very prompt on both occasions that I have called for their assistance, I would not hesitate to contact Ashley again, and I highly recommend their service to anyone finding themselves in this unique and very personally challenging circumstance.Kylie P. Property Services Team Leader, South East Metro Region.


Trauma Clean offers flexible and discreet scheduling to meet clients needs, and all work is completed in a timely manner to allow reoccupation of the premises at the earliest possible opportunity.

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